• Lisa Rizzo


Suckle, Sleep, Thrive features the images of renown photographer Lisa Maksoudian. Located on the Central Coast of California, Lisa has spent more than 13 years working as a professional photographer and has received notoriety and national awards. While she divides her time between commercial and portrait work, her passion lies with mothers and infants.


Images for the book were shot over several days. Mothers from the Growing with Baby Breastfeeding Support Group volunteered to be photographed by the professional photographer. Known for her hands-on, nurturing approach, Lisa soothed her tiniest clients into a state of contentedness, allowing her to capture the delicate features and beauty of each individual babe. Mothers were guided to relax and nurture their newborns as Pediatric Nurse Andrea Herron, RN, MN, CPNP, IBCLC, pointed out the various cues the babies signaled and states of awareness they were undergoing.


When Lisa was hired to do the photography for the Suckle, Sleep, Thrive, she was pleased to learn that she already knew the book's expert, Andrea Herron. The photographer and lactation consultant met at Growing with Baby following the birth of Lisa’s first son. With each subsequent child, Lisa sought Andrea’s expertise. She said Andrea helped her successfully nurse and find confidence in her mothering. Having experienced first-hand the joys, as well as challenges, of breastfeeding, Lisa decided to create a serene studio space where she welcomes each new mother and child, knowing the first days are precious and fleeting.


Prior to her career as a photographer, Lisa worked within the music industry, utilizing her B.S. in Business/Marketing from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. In a career altering move, she left the world of marketing and set out on a 3-month European trip which became a 15-month-tour. Lisa said she returned to the United States to marry the love of her life. Subsequently, she returned to Cal Poly to study Fine Art/Photography. Lisa and her husband David live in San Luis Obispo with their three children. Her kids remark that they do not "love" to be photographed.

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